Got a Jones’?

Got a Jones’?

Written by: Buddy Ward


Ever wonder, has anyone worked on EVERY model out there? Although we do a variety of different vehicles, we can’t say we’ve seen them all.

We specialize in class 6, 7 and 8 trucks and other heavy duty vehicles, but still do our share of cars and light trucks. When we get something in that is new to us and might potentially be a challenge, we tend to fall back to the basics and call around to our extensive network of friends in the industry who might have experience with it.

One of our favorites is from Connecticut and works on vehicles we only see occasionally. We trust him to tell us, if he’s done one, whether or not the CHILTON or MITCHELL manual is correct and that 3 hour job is really a 6 hour job. And he calls us when he occasionally sees the heavy duty truck or bus.

We met the fine folks at Jones Automotive years ago at a MACS convention. Aside from the training we receive by attending MACS and other industry training events, the relationships we develop there are invaluable.

Its great networking and everyone learns something!