Should you flush?

Written by:  Jim Garner

Hey! Do you think I should flush? In most cases, YES!!

Oh, yes, you should always flush the a/c system when you have a compressor failure. A clean system will help prevent the new compressor from failing.  Old driers, moisture in the system,  and internally damaged compressors can lead to metal and debris being transported through the system.   In some cases, the only way to remove those contaminants (short of replacing every component in the refrigerant loop) is to flush the system.

Debris can easily be seen in systems that have an orifice tube. Metal  and particles get lodged in the inlet screen.

One of the most common reasons a new replacement compressor fails is THAT contaminates ARE still in the system from a previously failed compressor. So yes. Flush.

The newer, R-134a compatible, parallel flow condensers cannot be flushed, they must be replaced as well as hose assemblies with  mufflers that cannot be flushed.



clogged orifice tubes

Orifice tubes clogged with debris


parallel flow condenser

parallel flow condenser