It pays to ask a professional

By: Caroline Acebedo

This 2005 Freightliner M2 came in to our shop with extremely high head pressure.  The customer told us that he previously had a leaking shaft seal on his compressor.  He had just installed a new compressor and upon charging the system, he immediately had a head pressure problem.  He was scratching his head trying to figure out what went wrong.  Upon inspection, we found that the suction and discharge manifold line assembly had been installed backwards!  The suction side was connected to the discharge side of the compressor and discharge to suction.  Since the fittings on the compressor were the same size, this was not hard to do.  We removed the refrigerant from the system, installed the line properly, and vacuum & charged the system.  We ran the system and pressures were good.   Luckily, it hadn’t destroyed his brand new compressor.  Sometimes you are better off leaving your repair in the hands of a professional.  That little mistake could have been very costly!

business class compressor  m2 compressor

3 thoughts on “It pays to ask a professional”

  1. Great post,Caroline! We’ve seen similar things at our shop over the years.Makes you wonder…! BTW- that’s the reason GM started using the “stepped bore” compressors/manifolds years ago!

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